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SPRITES (Age 0-6)

Get your Bug Hunting gear on and join us on an amazing adventure, straight from your very own Garden.

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Mike the Monster

Adventurers (Age 3-7)

Are Monster's scary? Sophie loses her favourite thing from her favourite person, but will she find help from an unlikely source?

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Tommy C Hann


Who you may ask is this Tommy C Hann? Well Tommy is one of the finest explorers to sail the seven seas, but will he find the prize he's been searching for or will time take it's toll?

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Could you imagine never having dreams? Well one boy has never had a dream, but he's determined to set off on an adventure and find them...

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There's No Such Thing


There's no such thing as a Monster? The boy thinks it's true, but will the girl convince him otherwise?

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Ola the Ostrich


Ola just wants to sing, the problem is, nobody wants to hear her sing. Will Ola follow her dreams and find her audience?

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The Octopus and the Cake


Who loves cake? Me, me, me. Probably not as much as the Octopus. Find out the terrible consequences of his cake love. 

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Davey Chicken


Naughty Chicken, Davey is on his last warning before Mum and Dad send him to the coop. Will he listen? Oh Davey.

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Sam's Stop it Watch


Sam's sad, but soon his life is turned around as he opens a mysterious birthday gift that Grandpa George gave to him before he died.

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The Jungle


The Jungle is a squawky place, a talky place, a walky place, the jungle creatures all hide in the trees, so let's move the leaves and look.

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Nature is magical, beautiful and kind, but soon the fingers of darkness spread to reach her and now it feels her immense power and wants it.

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The Boy


The boy is a story about standing up for yourself and believing when nobody else will. Inspired by the Great Bazzy McBrown, the boy struggles to become who he wants to be, but will his determination help in the end?

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A Fairy Tale


Fee the fairy does so well in her fairy exams that she is thrust into the world of tooth exchange, although a master criminal is on the loose and his choice of loot? Yes, Teeth.

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Bob and Scarlet Rob


Broom, broom, beep, beep, I'm a hatch and he's a jeep, adventure is the thing we do, so come along and join our grew. Literally, come on.

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Man in Red


Video coming Christmas 2020. Who is this Man in Red and what does he want? Read this hilarious tale of a girl and this fraud in red, face all rosy.

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